Rogue Theory Band Bio

ROGUE: \ˈrōg\:n. Renegade:adj.- A Deviation From Standard 

THEORY: \thir-ē\:n. Abstract Principles of a Body of Art

BAND: \bånd\: company of people having a common purpose

Dive into the vibrant soundscape of Rogue Theory, a dynamic band hailing from the Sunshine State. For the past few years, Rogue Theory has been on a musical journey, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and ears of music lovers across the nation. Their ever-evolving, eclectic fusion of indie funk-rock is often called refreshing – a playful and nostalgic tapestry woven from the finest threads of various musical genre. . . a truly original soulful experience for your auditory bucket list.

Harry Daniel (Harry Rogue)

Vocals & Violin / Songwriter

3Dvarius & Source Audio Artist

John Frasca

Guitar / Songwriter

Source Audio Artist

Ryan Jackola

Bass / Songwriter

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Joe Cole

Drums / Tall

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Ransom Miller & Brett Hedrick

Trumpet & Keys / Sax & Flute

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